Feel rest assured when choosing a Childminder-The Benefits


1. All childminders are registered and inspected by Ofsted the governing body for childcare and education.

 2. All registered childminders have to proceed in an intense background check (other settings only provide disclosure and barring). We are police checked, social services checked and our medical history is checked thoroughly as well as 6-8 hr interview by an inspector to ensure the approval of a responsible person to care for your children.

 3. Our homes are inspected to ensure the safety of the children, as well as meeting the requirements of The Early Years Foundation Stage to enable us to record and evaluate the working environment and all children and families are catered for on an individual basis to meet all needs personally/developmentally/educationally.

 4. We are able to provide an invaluable service throughout British Values by providing a homely environment which is like a big family.

 5. Children learn to mix together despite their age and socially are able to spend time as siblings in a usual family set up.

 6. We can offer places for government funded sessions with flexibility and no additional top up charges.

 7. We can be flexible and provide services such as nursery and school pick up's/drop offs as you would if you were at home with your children.

 8. We work with mixed ages from 0-16 yrs and on low ratios. This allows us to work on a flexible basis and we are not restricted.

 9. Your child will be given best opportunities for their social development. Instead of being in one room with children of the a similar age all day, we are able to use the immediate and wider community to access all the local amenities-such as shops, cafes, parks, local walks, play centres, play/toddler group. This on the whole provides excellent opportunities to ensure your little person becomes a social butterfly by interacting and learning about the world around them.

 10. We are not baby sitters that operate a cheaper option. We are regulated and inspected and provide the standards as any other setting. We are professionals.