My Family live in a semi detached property on the Nettlecombe estate in
Shaftesbury and I provide childcare, along with transport if necessary for a charge.

The setting and garden play area are risk assessed on a daily basis and have been inspected and passed by Ofsted.

The property provides for the children I mind, the use of the first floor with a fully equipped toy/play area, where fun, messy and educational
activities are provided. Meals are taken in the kitchen and quiet activities and rest times are taken in the lounge area, or for the little ones will be put upstairs in cots.

The kitchen has direct access to a wash basin and downstairs toilet, babies nappy changes will take place on a changing mat in the lounge.
The lounge leads on to a gated paved area which is locked at all times, making for a safer environment for the children to play on a patio garden
with outdoor toys such as a cube slide, trampoline, ride on toys, a bouncy castle can be put up occassionally and many more for physical and fun play.


3 Nettlecombe

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If you are dropping off your child/children, please drive around the rear of the house, route marked in red on map below.

Come in the side gate and knock.


Street View


Rear View